HVAC Installation & Repair Services in Delhi

HVAC Installation & Repair Services

We offer world-class installation and maintenance services!

We are a fast-growing service provider in Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Solutions to our clients

We are a world-class company offering installation, maintenance and repair services for all commercial HVAC components and systems. We deal in HVAC Design & Consultancy, HVAC Sales and Supply, and HVAC Installation & execution. We take care of HVAC projects, server room and data center cooling, ventilation, etc. and serve a diverse set of commercial and industrial facilities worldwide. For any advanced technology, innovation and expertise you can count on us.

Services we provide are:

  • Air, Water Chillers AHU & FCU
  • Split & Package Units
  • Ventilation System
  • Air Flow & Ducting
  • Fresh Air Systems

Air, Water Chillers AHU & FCU: are the chillers that produce chilled water and pushed it around the building to AHU i.e., the Air Handling Units and FCUs i.e., the Fan Coil Units. These units circulate the air around the building and its surrounding space. Air and Water Chillers are both equally effective with a little difference in their functionality. The water chiller is typically used indoors and operates at lower condenser fluid pressure however the air chiller is for outdoors and at a higher condenser pressure. We are known to provide both services.

Split & Package Units: We provide both the services where the split systems are an HVAC unit that divides each system into its own unit i.e., the heater and the air conditioner are separate whereas the package unit combines multiple units into a single unit, i.e., the heater and the air conditioner are part of one unit.

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Ventilation System: We are known to provide state-of-the-art ventilation systems where the system has two fans and two duct systems ensuring there is a fresh air supply and exhaust vents can be installed in every room. It is inexpensive and effective for your space. And it is appropriate for all climates.

Fresh Air Ventilation Systems: We also provide Fresh Air Ventilation System that simply dilutes stale indoor air in your space. This system brings in fresh air from outside and then pushes out the unwanted airborne particles to create cleaner, fresher and healthier indoor air.

Air Flow & Ducting: We provide a service i.e., air flow and ducting where ducts are passages used in HVAC to remove and deliver air. This requires supply air, return air and exhaust air thereby delivering ventilation air as part of supply air.

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